swinging topspin volley

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On high balls what shot do you most oftern go for?

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  1. swinging topspin volley

  2. conventional volley

  1. solidtennis

    solidtennis Guest

    How many people play the swinging topspin volley on high balls, instead of a conventional volley? I feel I have alot more sucess with it and it keeps my game aggressive.
  2. Bagumbawalla

    Bagumbawalla Hall of Fame

    Jun 24, 2006
    I will sometimes hit this shot under certain circumstances, especially if i am somewhat back from the net (and if I have time). It is impressive when you make the shot, and you look like a goof when you don't. My advice, is to choose your moments and not make it an everytime thing.
  3. tenniskid3119

    tenniskid3119 Semi-Pro

    Mar 14, 2006
    East Texas
    i go for the topspin swinging volley, but you should hit an overhead or a high normal volley.
  4. Bottle Rocket

    Bottle Rocket Hall of Fame

    Jan 12, 2006
    San Francisco, CA
    It seems like most people naturally begin to do this a little more as they get a more steady forehand. It is a fun shot, just not the safest.

    It is hard to pinpoint the perfect opportunity for it, but it is a great shot to have. I guess if you get caught in the wrong position with your forehand grip and you've got a floater coming your way, a nice swinging volley can humble your opponent. Bagumbawalla put it best though and he is so right.

    The big difference is that it is a purely offensive shot, possibly the most offensive you can get. If you are at all out of position or playing any type of defense, it is rarely the right shot.

    Extremely aggressive players seem to use it more. People that never let up in a point, pro's like Davydenko and Sharapova, use it. Once they get you running, they aren't going to let up with a "classic volley".

    I'll never forget Federer's last match with Canas. He was up in the second set and hit a swinging volley from damn near on the baseline, it was a great shot. He actually uses the shot fairly often too.

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