SwingVision: Current Problems with Videos


So I record almost all my session with SwingVision (great app, my profile is here (need to make a login)).

I wanted to ask if people currently have trouble with video saving?
After the app tries to analyze.

I lost my latest 3 recordings now, because the app deleted the video after recording, after it seemed to have some trouble with the analysis.


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SwingVision has recently deleted a few of mine, which is a huge PITA because I always ask permission from my opponents to film and promise to share with them afterward.
After all the fiddling it takes to set up, time wasted, i feel like a jerk not being able to send them anything.

Once SV deleted one and an hour later it was right back up... Happy surprise i guess.

I will say that their customer service responds fairly fast, usually the CEO too I think... Isn't always able to help though.


I have the same experience and their support was/is great.

It's just very annoying and frustrating at the moment, where I lost 3 really great sessions (well I could safe 1 by exporting and reimporting), with awesome rallies and shots (I usually use them for YouTube or even Instagram).

From what I noticed is that lately the video segmenting into rallies really gets into trouble and then the whole video seems to get messy. Maybe even the new trimmed video Cloud upload has something to do with it!?
Disappointing is though, that the video is usually saved (or should be) as raw video and so it should be untouched and exportable, no matter what.
Especially the app should never just automatically delete any video (even corrupted ones) without asking for permission!

Anyway, I hope this gets fixed asap, because I'm even afraid to record videos with the app now, so I will probably record them normally as a video with my iPhone now first and then import the video. Then I'm at least sure that I have my footage, no matter what...


Btw. Support said, they will fix this issue next update. And in the meantime to disable "trimmed video upload" to "full video upload to cloud". Sounds like it's a short term issue, when fixed.


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Maybe record in the native camera, then import to swingvision. That way you’ll always have the original recording. The import after produces the same video as the native recording