Swingweight of prestige pro vs other racquets


The microgel prestige pro has a strung weight of 343g and at 7pts HL. The swingweight is 316g.

Also, MG radical pro has a strung weight of 332g at 4pts HL for a swingweight of 319g.

Others to compare: Kinetic pro 5g, strung weight of 332g at 8pts HL, for a swingweight of 318g. Ionic Ki 5, strung weight of 335g at 7pts HL for a swingweight of 325g.

The two microgel racquets seem to have exceptionally low swingweights compared to the PK ones, given their strung weight and balance. ( you'd think a high strung weight and less headlightness should lead to a higher swingweight, right?) Why is this?


Also compare against the MGs: Yonex RDX 500, strung weight of 332g, at 8pts HL for a swingweight of 315g. The MG prestige pro cannot reasonably have a swingweight that's just 1g higher, it has a 11g difference in static weight plus it's less HL! What's going on here?


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Swing weight doesn't directly depend on mass and balance. That's your answer.
The mass distribution also counts and is perhaps more important than the other two specs.
Think about having 2 identical 27 inch sticks and adding the same amount of mass to them...
For the first stick you add the mass in the middle. For the second one you split the mass in 2 and add it at the opposite sides of the stick.
Their mass and balance will still be the same after this experiment but the inertia while moving the two sticks through the air will be vastly different (i.e the SW will be different). The one where you split the mass and add it at the ends will have a higher perceived inertia (sw) than the other one.