Switched from Babolat Pure Strike Tour G1 to Yonex VCore Pro 330

I recently switched from the PS Tour G1 that I had been playing with for 3-4 years. Main reason behind the switch was I wanted more feel and was getting some unpleasant vibrations from the racquet. I switched strings, however, I didn't like the feel after trying several strings. I probably could have made it work with some more experimentation, but I figured it was time to switch racquets anyways since one of my PS broke recently. I am a 4.0-4.5 NTRP player. I generally play aggressive baseline always looking for opportunities to come to net with occasional S&V.

This racquet is amazing for groundstrokes. Plenty of plow-through to get plenty of pace and spin. My PS Tour offered more raw power, however, I am getting much more pace with the VCore Pro on groundstrokes. The open string pattern allows for incredible spin (PS Tour was a 18x20). I am able to get much more control with this racquet as well. I feel I am able to dictate points well and the weight isn't so high that I have trouble scrambling. On the contrary, it actually helps a lot when on the run and getting a ball back deep and much heavier than my PS Tour. Though, with this said, it does force you to tidy up your footwork in order to use its potential.

The one detriment is that it is difficulty on maneuverability on some last second changes such as on body serves. With that exception, as long as you are able to time the ball properly, the racquet takes care of the rest. Very easy depth and pace on return.

This is probably the biggest difference from this racquet. First serves have gotten MUCH bigger with flat and plenty of spin on slice serves. I have been having some trouble with my kick serve confidence on consistency. There were a noticeable increase of DFs in the beginning, but it is getting better. I assume this is just because of the change in weight from PS Tour (12 oz.) to Vcore Pro 330 (12.3 oz + leather grip). Control on serves have been great. I am able to hit my spots a lot more accurately and body serves often result in unreturnable. I have easily increased my ace count by 1.5-2x.

There is much greater feel with this racquet and hitting touch volleys. Drop volleys were always very difficult with my PST, but much easier now. Also much easier to just place the volley for winners rather than with my PST where I felt I had to do much more with the volley than with the VCore Pro. The downside with this racquet is that with the weight and lesser maneuverability, I felt that I was mishitting a lot more volleys.

Great racquet, there will definitely be an adjustment period. I love the feel of this racquet and it makes tennis much more fun. I always disliked the "hollow" feel of the APD and PD which is why I opted for the PS, but after coming to Yonex, there was a big change. This racquet will definitely force me to continue to improve and I love that portion of this racquet.

Hope this helps anyone thinking about either of these racquets! Let me know if you have any questions, happy to help!