switched to Prince NXG mid from OS

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by raiden031, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. raiden031

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    Aug 31, 2006
    Yesterday I switched from a Wilson Triad 3 OS (115") to a Prince NXG mid (92") because I was having huge problems controlling my hard forehands with the OS racquet. Anyways it was surprisingly easy to adjust. I noticed that I can swing much harder and it stays in much more. I even shanked the ball less than with the Wilson OS racquet.

    Anyone play with the NXG and have any comments about it? I'm going to buy another spare racket thats also a mid and I'm not sure whether to get another NXG or maybe another racquet with similar specifications.

    And one thing I was curious about when I picked up my new racuqet is why are smaller racquets heavier than larger ones? The wilson OS was like 9.5 oz whereas the prince mid is like 12.3 oz.
  2. travlerajm

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    Mar 14, 2006
    The NXG is ounce-for-ounce the most spin-friendly design available that has a stiffness in the 60s. It gives as much spin as many racquets with stiffness in the 50s. It has a grippy feel that you won't find in any other available frame.

    So it's not surprising that you have an easy time keeping the ball in the court. I have been using the NXG OS for the past year, which I find needs some lead to turn it into a well-balanced all-court frame. I haven't tried the mid.
  3. nk126

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    Jul 9, 2006

    I just bought a used NXG midplus (100") through a classified ad - eager for it to arrive. I also bought a used Prince Original Graphite (POG) mid (93") that should arrive soon.

    I've been playing with a POG OS (series 110) for the past few months and really like the feel but wanted to try something smaller and more maneuverable. I was told that the NXG plays somewhat similar to the POG, and was going to demo one - but found good deals on a used NXG and a used POG, so I just figured I'd buy 'em both and resell what I don't decide to keep.

    My understanding is that the heavier frames like the POG and NXG are better for players who swing long and fast and thus generate their own power - hence your saying that you can swing harder and it stays in more. The newer, lighter, more inherently powerful frames give softer swinging players more zip on their shots but wind up making your balls sail long if you swing harder.

    Plenty of people on this board who know more about it than I do though - try searching for threads on racquet weights or "players racquets". FWIW, here's the saga of my searching for a new racquet:


    My POG OS is a heavy frame. It's not the head size, but rather that the frames are built to different weights. You can get giant OS frames that weigh 9.5 oz or ones like the POG that weigh 12 oz +.

    I hit this morning with someone who was demoing the Wilson nSix-One 95 racquets and let me try them out. Midsize but heavy with a solid feel. Great playing racquets. The regular version has an open string pattern with great access to spin. The 18 x 20 had wonderful control. Felt similar but somehow "newer" than my POG - and, of course, smaller headsize. They're new and popular, so about twice the price of the NXG, but might be worth your checking out. That and the POG mid.

  4. Janne

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    Apr 29, 2006
    To the OP: If you like the NXG then I think you should buy another one instead of a different racquet.

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