Switching from Pure Storm GT to Pure Drive GT



Recently I have been having minor arm/wrist problems. Not TE (or at least that's what I'm hoping). I'm not sure why my problems have occured. I haven't been playing more than usual, I haven't switched raquets or strings.

But, my plan is to take measures before it possibly gets worse. My first counter measure is new strings. A switch from luxilon savage to a hybrid of savage and Wilson sensation. Strung at 23 kg. So far so good, my arm feels ok after an hour or so of playing.

The next step would be to switch from my Pure Storm GT to something more forgiving. This is where I get a little confused.

I've asked at my club, a local store and one more place and got recommended the Pure Drive GT. They all say that PD should be alot easier on my arm. But, when I read up online all I can find (except great reviews) is warnings about PD since it is pretty stiff.

I have demoed it for two sessions, and it's been a fun test. Great raquet with alot of power I don't usually get with my PS. But I think I have felt a soreness in my arm post-testing. Don't know if it's the PD or something else.

Any suggestions? Right now I'm unsure on what to do, but demoing the PD had one side effect - I would be fun with a little more power.

I usually plat 1-2 times/week. During the summer I play on clay up to 3 times/week. I'm somewhere around a 4.5 rating (we don't have any system for that here in Sweden so I'm guessing a little).


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...I would be fun with a little more power...

...Not sure how true that statement is, it's very subjective. How ever, what I meant to say was "It would be fun with a little more power".

One missing letter, quite a difference in meaning. :)
Not really, I bet that is what Obama thought 8 years ago. But along with all that power there are going to be some weak links. But don't worry with Obamacare you can get that wrist fixed if it is not repealed too soon.

Seems to me rather than going to a stiffer frame you would want to go to a softer string bed. More trampoline for rocket launching and more shock absorption for the wrist. Why not stick with the strings you like at a lower tension or a string with more stretch?


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Try a new hybrid first. If you like power that much, I have just the thing for you:
Use Wilson Sensation in the mains and Polystar Energy in the crosses. Polystar Energy is one of the softest poly strings on the arm (softer than some multifilaments, and I'm not even joking) and one of the most powerful as well. That should stop your arm issues and give you some extra power, also it's a lot cheaper than switching racquets.

Otherwise, look into the Pacific X Fast Pro and the Prince Warrior Pro 100. Both racquets play like a Pure Drive only much softer on the arm and a few users have had success switching away from the Babolats to them for more comfort without losing too much performance wise.


Thanks for all your suggestions. I was leaning towards not buying the PD and instead focusing on strings before, and now even more.

You got me curious about the Polystar, wonder if it's on the swedish market at all..? Will have to investigate.