Switching to a less HL setup.....!!

"Accidentally" i moved from 7pts HL to 4 and fell in love....

I like to custom paint my rackets. The process sheds quie amount of weight when stripping the old paint and definately makes the new painted frame more flexible. I have 2 Donnays Pro 1 GTs and grown some elbow pain. Rackets suddenly felt stiff -> re painted them. I had them shortened by 1 cm and leaded them by 10 gr each under grommets, once strung hit the court without looking the specs....

Being mostly a baseliner i felt a huge difference on both FH and BH. Felt in love....checked the specs: 32.5 Balance 340 grams, 340 SW MgR/I 20.5. Added 10 grams at 15cm and BANG! 350. 32.1 340 20.8 respectively. What surprised me the most is the feeling of confidence when i need to hit with a relaxed wrist and no arming the ball, the ball will go heavilly inside the the court. Also makes me act with discipline ans stay loose as it needs more relaxation and no stiffness to swing it appropriately.

Always thought that anything short of 7 pt HL WOULD BE A DISASTER.....well not this time around.


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I doubt pro players go by numbers. They play with what feels best (and then measurements and numbers come into play in order to replicate the set up).

Cool that it's working out for you, maybe I'll re-paint one of my old racquets just for the fun of it...