Synthetic gut to help with wrist pain?


About a month or so ago I injured my wrist hitting with a demo frame. I believe it to be b/c of the dead luxilon alu in the demo, though I don't know for sure. I've never had any wrist issues prior to this, and it's been a nagging pain since. I generally play NTX/Element Hybrid or Kirschbaum PLE 17 in Wilson Ultra Tours. The NXT/Element feels better on the wrist now, but I'm thinking removing the poly completely for a while may help more.

I have several packs of Prince Synthetic gut that my son uses - I'm thinking of switching to this for a while until this heals. Do you guys think this will help?


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40 lbs works better in -95 frames. If you use 100, bump up 5 lbs.
Thick poly can work around 35 in any size frame..un der 105


I don’t have experience with natural gut.
Almost any multifilament will be softer and easier on the wrist than synthetic gut.
I also suggest wearing a wrist brace which will take some of the stress off your wrist. I use the Babolat wrist support, but there are many others that will do like Meuller wrist support and McDavid level 1 wrist brace.


Taking time off from tennis is the best for letting the wrist heal. I wore a light wrist brace when I had to take time off from tennis from my wrist injury.

Then when you start playing again, it would be best to not have any poly in your racquet. A full bed of NXT which you are already using in your hybrid string job would work well.


The Ultra Tour, now Ultra Pro can work with a lot of different strings. Certainly with gut it’s going to be more gentle on your wrist.
Sometimes, yes when you hit with a demo with harsh strings and possibly a smaller grip than you usually use, things can happen like this. However you could have gradually been building up to an injury anyway and trying the demo took things over the edge. Depending on the player, constant over use will do it.
The Ultra Tour itself is a very nice feeling frame, it just needs to be weighted up exactly right, I’ve gone leather grip with 2 over grips to bring the racquet up to a grip 5 from a 4 and lead at 3 and 9 to have a static weight of around 349g. It is a very good racquet however there may be better racquets for wrist safety perhaps that one should try.