SYSOP:Adidas jacket summer response group Navy or Black??


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Hi: From the Summer Response Court Group im looking for the:

Adidas Men's Summer Court Woven Jacket in black.

It appears "in stock" in navy and in white but the pics of the navy seems black.So???

It says navy and also white in stock but the picture is definetely black.

check yourself.-

Can you help me here??


TW Staff

I'm not in the office today, but from what I remember I believe it is dark navy. There aren't any black items in the Adidas Summer Response Group.

I'll be back in on Monday and can double check then. If you require an immediate answer, please call customer service at 1-800-883-6647.

Tiffani, TW


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summer response line blue or black or black itemsjust sold out?


ok but ive got a question here:

They were black sometime and black items are sold out now or the whole line never had black color in his clothes?

Because it looks prettty dark;

like black on the pictures;never navy

is there an error on the pictures?

or the pictures taken are from black stuff?


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There were never any items in black for the Summer Response Court Group.

The pictures are appearing a bit dark and black, but the jacket is navy in color. Sorry for the confusion.

Tiffani, TW


New User Ms Tyffani

Hi and is there a way to can see the real color???

maybe on some other navy item(with the picture well taken)????

To have a better look of the real color???'

I d appreciate your help




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black adidas jaquet

Ok thanks a lot for you quick answer Ms tiffany.

Something else;just in case i dont like the jaquet in navy; is there any black adidas jaquet in stock??

all plain black??

(doesnt matter the collection or specific line).-

(excepting the 1/4 zip top from odyssey)which is mostly a sweater.

TW Staff

From adidas, we just got this in recently:

Equipment Andre Agassi Jacket

Winter Edge Jacket
This one has a reversible center panel, so the blue part can be turned inside. That way this jacket is black.

I wasn't sure if you'd be interested in other brands. If you are, try this search tool. I have it set to medium, but you can adjust the size if necessary, set the color function to black and redo the search.

Hope this helps.