T2Tennis - Anybody Participating?

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Attn: Atlanta, Nashville, Birmingham, South Florida and Charlotte TT-ers.

Are any of you playing in the T2Tennis programs? Is it well-run? How do you like it? Please tell me anything you can about it.

Their site is www.T2Tennis.com. They are introducing the Denver area this summer. Local people are asking me about it and I don't know anything other than what's on their site. Thanks.

- KK
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I played T2 mixed doubles a few seasons ago and had a good time. Flexible scheduling is a huge bonus and I met some very nice people. The T2 website is horrendous, but I guess as long as you can enter the scores it's no big deal.


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They have the crappiest website imaginable- it doesn't even work on my computer. I played with my girlfriend and we had fun. Its sort of a ripoff- $60 for the pair of people to play 5 regular season matches. Then we made the playoffs and had to pay courtfees for another 3 playoff matches because we were the higher seed. And its not the easiest to schedule matches because you have to coordinate the schedules of 4 people.

All that said- my girlfriend and I will play again for next season.


Have played T2, as said previously, it is $30 dollars per individual ($60 per team), billed to whichever player registers for the team. 5 matches and then playoffs. Self-rank the first season.

I could care less about the website, if it gives you their contact information and tracks score, it is good enough for me.

There are tons of teams in Atlanta so you don't have to drive far and the scheduling window is fine. Overall, a pretty flexible league, and good competition. IMO, the biggest problems with these kinds of leagues when they start is the amount of participants and proximity of matches. I don't want to drive 45 minutes one-way through traffic.

Additional info below:

Team movement will be based on each team's prior season results and winning percentage**(**Winning percentage is a calculation of your games won divided by the total games played.)

Winning Percentage: LESS than 30% - You will Automatically be moved down 1 level.
Winning Percentage: BETWEEN 30% and 39% - You CAN move down 1 level (Optional)
Winning Percentage: BETWEEN 40% and 60% - You MUST play at the same level.
Winning Percentage: BETWEEN than 60% and 70% - You CAN move up 1 level(optional)
Winning Percentage: GREATER than 70% - You will automatically be moved up 1 level
Division winner AND Winning Percentage 65% and GREATER- You will automatically move up 1 level
City Finals Winner: You will Automatically move up 1 level (regardless of winning percentage)


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also look at PeachTennis

T2 hasn't figured out there are other browsers besides IE. I can't help comparing them to the KSwiss singles league (www.ultimatetennis.com) which has a phenomenal website. Still, T2 delivered what they promised; nearby competition and flexible scheduling.
Another flexible scheduling league is Peach Tennis (www.peachtennis.com) -- it also has a decent website. It's singles only, started in Atlanta but has now expanded to Charlotte, Columbia, Phoenix and Raleigh, It's a great deal at $15 per season for ~ seven matches.


T2 seems to be the preferred "non-ALTA" league in my circle of friends. Mostly because it's purposely scheduled not to interfere with ALTA.

Been debating what non-ALTA league I should stick to and it's really confusing in Atlanta. I like singles a lot, but also dig the beer-and-wings mentality of mixed/men's doubles. I only know two other people who play KSwiss, only the women in my area play USTA, and a few folks play Peach. Again, in my circle, ALTA consumes most of the tennis players, followed by T2.

Is that typical in most Atlanta regions?

Here's what I have a choice of:
ALTA doubles/mixed
T2 doubles/mixed
Peach tennis singles
KSwiss singles
USTA doubles/mixed/team
USTA tournaments

ALTA is, by far, the biggest league in my area. After that, it depends if you prefer singles or doubles. Singles = KSwiss, Doubles = T2. The housing development I live in has eight tennis courts and we don't have a single, solitary, men's USTA team. I had to go to the public tennis center to join. Is USTA as unpopular in your community? BTW, I can give KSwiss a hearty recommendation.


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ALTA is just massive- I had no idea how many people I know that played in it until I started and it just came up in discussion. Kswiss is pretty big with the players on both my mens and mixed teams. At least half of the guys on my mens team play in Kswiss as well. I know far more women than men who double up ALTA and USTA. But for people who like playing singles Kswiss is just about perfect. peachtennis is cheaper but I think that kswiss is better because of their great rating system and the fact that people are more serious about it.


Played last fall in the inaugural season of T2 here in Charlotte. Website is fine - it does what you need it to (record scores, provide contact info, provide season schedule).

Pros: defined schedule with flexible playing times, organization.
Cons: being new to Charlotte the participation wasn't very good - they lumped a bunch of 3.5 players into the 4.0 division (highest and only men's division they wound up offering) to get enough players; cost relative to other options in town

haven't played since that initial season as there are other options available that are better uses of my time / money.


I play KSwiss and Peach but most of the ladies play either ALTA or T2. It sounds really fun but like OP said, getting started may be hard because you may have to drive pretty far for your matches. Peach hasn't been around as long as KSwiss but my drive times are definitely longer with Peach.


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I live in Roswell east of 400 and there is no shortage of USTA participation in my area. Our neighborhood currently has 3 USTA men's teams, 4 men's ALTA teams, some mixed and women's ALTA teams and several KSwiss and T2 players. I play USTA, ALTA and T2 or Kswiss depending on the season and the shape I'm in. I am currently playing T2 in between USTA and ALTA and will probably play ALTA along with ALTA this upcoming season.

As for T2, I think it is a bit expensive ($60 for 5 matches plus playoffs), and getting 4 people's schedules to match to get a match in can be trouble at times, but it is fun.
Alot of people play T2 in my neighborhood. It seems somewhat expensive but it's my understanding that they give discounts for returning members. I've never played because of that damn work thing along with the kids. I play ALTA and Kswiss and two things is enough for me. Most people seem to play T2 to stay sharp for ALTA. The sandbagging is rediculous. I know people in mid B ALTA teams that are playing 3.0 T2. I would prefer USTA to ALTA as I like singles much better but my wife makes me play on her mixed ALTA team