Tackiest Overgrip?


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I used to use Wilson Cushion Aire Super Tack overgrip...loved it because it lasted a long time and it was like flypaper. I don't sweat so I need an overgrip that us super tacky.

I've tried Wilson Pro and it just isn't the same...not enough tack.

Just wondering what is the tackiest overgrip?




I've used Wilson Pro, Tourna Tac, and Gamma Supreme.
Out of those, Gamma Supreme is the tackiest, even when dirty.
I have not used Yonex Supergrap which I have heard good things about.
I would suggest you try Gamma Supreme, its quite a good over grip.

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I've been stuck on Super grap by yonex.I would order some if I were you.Durable and cushioned.I also don't mind Babo's overgrip.


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Yonex supergrap is medium tack,along with Wilson Pro

Gamma supreme is high tack

Becker Stripe Super Overgrip is as tacky as the gamma supreme,and the tack lasts about 5 times longer, the best I have ever used. They are very soft and a little thicker than the others too.
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I like the tack of Gamma Supreme or Gamma Grip 2. Both are pretty thin, if that's important to you as well.


Gamma Supremeve Overgrip White - it's tacky as hell.

When I play on humid days or when I sweat a LOT (I don't usually sweat that much), the Gamma Supreme will not work that great, and I prefer Yonex Supregrap.

But on dry not so warm days, NOTHING beats a Gamma Supreme White Overgrip.....NOTHING :D