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    Tactical - Workshop Notes by Robert Wojcik
    by Tennissmith on Thursday, January 20, 2011 at 10:57pm

    1. Nadal and Federer won 55 percent of points against all opponents over 8 month period – how insignificant is the difference between top players and the rest

    2. Zones of the court: red def, red neutral, red offense, yellow, green

    3. Ball hit 3 ways: +, IP – in play, - ; offense, neutral, defense

    4. Point end in 3 ways: ++ winner -- unforced error - F forced error

    5. Kids need to learn how to chart to learn the tactical game

    6. KID – keep it deep simple and strong tactical concept – opponent has less angles

    7. 5 patterns of points typically in a match

    8. Time Pressure Contest, Time Distance Contest – Territorial Game – take time and distance from the opponent

    9. Winning by two points always go to the net, way to make forward movement more of a routine

    10. Better players are more analyzed, people tend to study the best players

    11. If miss, miss it big to let the opponent pick the ball J

    12. Look strong into your mistake because it is true about your game – look, release, relax and reset

    13. Roger made a list to learn what he needs to learn to bit different players – logical way of development

    14. Warm up for finding weakness: high balls to see if the player take ball in the air,

    15. Lendl grid in defense hit a in neutral bb and in offense cc (a close to the center, “b” little further, “c” towards corners)

    16. Make it easy for yourself first before making it difficult for opponent second

    17. Shots you can’t miss: 2nd serve, 2nd serve return, approach (or put away)

    18. What stroke should you choose: the one that allows highest racquet speed and longest hitting zone produced on time
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    awesome, really opens the mind and good prep notes

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