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    I won't take credit for bringing this up, but I think it bears repeating-

    Federer making it to 16 consecutive semi finals in Grand Slams since Wimby 2003 will be an astounding achievement if he beats Gonzo today. He has lost only 3 times - once to Nadal at the FO in 2005, once to Safin at the AO 2005 and this year to Djoko at the AO. In this run, he hauled 10 GS titles, and lost only twice in a final - both times to Nadal on clay.

    No matter how you slice it, that is one heck of an achievement no other player in the history of the men's game can match.
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    "Strobe Lights" brought this topic up so credit to him.
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    I think you mean Wimbledon 2004? He lost in 4th rd to Nalbandian in US Open 03' and 3rd round to Kuerten in French Open 04'. Like many other things Fed has done, it is an astounding accomplishment.

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