Talent vs. Laziness


I just played a match for a high school tournament, against a Superchamp (equivalent to a 4.5 adult). I won it in a long grind of straight sets.

He was way too low on the ladder (number 5) below people I knew were Champs (lower level than Superchamps). My coach believed that the school was stacking.

I had no business beating this guy. (Yeah, I know champion's mentality and such, still I couldn't help but be awed). He had wonderful, graceful strokes, but let me tell you, he just swung hard enough to get near the baseline, and nothing more. And I'd get the ball back again and again, and I'm no retriever.

Everytime he approached, I run down the ball, huffing and puffing, lobbing the ball, and while he couldn't hit an overhead, he simply could have ran back and hit it. Nope, he just stood there, decided it would be too much effort and walked back with his head hung low.

Even though I won, it was simply painful to watch my opponent.

Why do people with talent simply choose to "coast"? Is it a sense of entitlement? Lack of hunger?