Tapatalk security concerns & Tapatalk Pro vs free+VIP?


I was just researching whether to get rid of ads in Tapatalk by buying the Pro app or the VIP subscription to the free app, when I ran across this thread on Android Forums at AndroidCentral. It is from 2017, but very disturbing from a security and privacy point of view. Does anyone know if these security issues have been fixed on TalkTennis forums? I think it's a server side loophole setting. Evidently all user data is automatically mined and logged by tapatalk on forum servers that allow tapatalk access. Can anyone confirm?

Assuming the security concerns have been fixed, does anyone have info on the two options to get rid of ads, the Pro app or free+VIP?


Post from Android Forums user AxlMyk

(It's clear that his use of abbreviation TT refers in his post to Tapatalk NOT to Talk Tennis)

For Tapatalk Users Concerned About Security

From another site:

Tapatalk is a mobile browsing app which allows people to browse parts of (our forum) in a mobile friendly way. Since its competitor is no longer operating, Tapatalk has become the only App of its kind. It seems that they are taking advantage of this situation in a dangerous way.

Over the course of the last months, Tapatalk has become more and more intrusive and with disregard to member privacy.
Here are some of the changes:

TT started to divert users to login through their own login function instead of (our forum) login.
TT showed advertising even though we opted out.
Tapatalk did not alert us about a security vulnerability for months. This vulnerability could have allowed attackers to gain access to your phone/ credentials.
The TT search function is now diluted with results from other websites.
By default TT uploads images to TT instead of (our forum). We turned this off.
TT keeps removing our usergroup permissions.
TT keeps adding annoying popups to the site, which we keep removing.
We discovered that TT seems to be using a copy of our content on their servers. They have not asked permission for this.

These events have made clear that we would stop offering Tapatalk once the new site is online.
However, Tapatalk has now announced that they will start emailing our members regularly. There is no reason whatsoever for a mobile app to start emailing members. We did not give Tapatalk permission to make use of any of our member data and will take legal action against Tapatalk if they do anything of such kind.

In light of the above I am now removing Tapatalk from this site. I apologize to those who enjoy the functionality.

I strongly advise anyone to remove Tapatalk from their devices.
From another forum:
Tapatalk support dropped due to privacy & security violations


And from another forum.......

Dear (forum) Community,

We're officially dropping support for Tapatalk for our forum due to recent privacy & security violations by Tapatalk.

The Tapatalk plugin comes with a function that is turned on by default without the consent of the server administrators and a proper option to disable it. This function reads data from the database (such as your e-mail address, name and whatever else is stored in the forum database) and sends this data to the Tapatalk server without our consent!

Tapatalk comments that this is necessary for their "Trending posts, threads and etc... e-mails" to send e-mails to users about trending content. The most shocking however is that it is nowhere stated and explained. They say it's a beta. So Tapatalk has access to the whole forum database without ever asking for consent. Moreover this feature can only be disabled in the plugin configuration file. Who is looking for a option in ACP (Admin Control Panel) of the forum will have bad luck and find absolutely nothing.

This violations are not something we're going to forgive or accept. Therefore we've deactivated and fully uninstalled Tapatalk from our forum and server.

I've not been able to find something about this in English because so far only a German forum has uncovered this spying tool.

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The problem can be fixed if you delete the app or never used it. I think it is always the users' responsibility to act in a secure manner. That means not using apps that have issues.


I don't care, let them have me, all of me, I got nothing they want. Bring it.

I could be wrong, but I read the comments to imply that the vulnerability is on the server side and not in the client, which means everyone using the server, those who use Tapatalk and those who do not, are equally at risk.

In the end, I guess I’m with you. But it’s disturbing, especially because to my knowledge Tapatalk has a monopoly on the mobile app for forum browsing market.