Teaching juniors to attack the net

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    Oct 15, 2011
    I had the opportunity to volunteer for a few practices as an assistant coach for a junior high girls team. Most were basically beginners. Many times the girls would play a ball near the service line, push it back short, then retreat to the baseline rather than bunt/drive the ball and come in. When at net they camp near the service line, because the lob is such a dominant shot at this level. Many of the high school girls who have played for several years and have steady groundstrokes also seem afraid to transition into the net even in doubles. Almost no highschool boys doubles players serve and volley here, but many will come in on returns and midcourt balls. Not to pick on girls, but they generally seem much less comfortable at net.

    I have no teaching experience, but might want to help coach at some point, so I'm hoping to draw from others' experience. What are some good ways to teach beginners or girls to like the net? Could it be a good idea to teach continental grip only and play short-court until players have developed feel and a loose grip pressure before teaching groundstrokes?

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