Technifibre TF8000 Photos Courtesy of Janneman -- A Close-Up Look from Roland Garros

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    Our friend Janneman from the Netherlands has been kind enough to send in a bunch of great photos of the stringing room from the 2006 French Open.

    Here's a direct link to what has been added to the Tecnifibre section of the Stringing Machine Photo Library:

    Or go to the Tecnifibre page and click on Janneman's submission at the top of the page:

    He sent in 17 great, high-resolution photos that I further divided into 45 various images, including close-up, "zoom-in" crops for a great overall set of images.

    Here's a teaser, if you've never seen a TF8000 from the generally hidden "inside" before (I hadn't, and I bet that those of us who have seen only photos of these have seen just the outside). Even wonder what was behind the base shell on one of TF8000 stringing machines?


    OK, so I'm sure not all of them are packed with the exact same assortment of personal/work things, but I couldn't help but wonder whether the inside of the shell was dead space or put to good use somehow.

    For a lot of really good images, please take a look via the above links.

    Thanks a bunch, Janneman! Excellent contribution. :)
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