Technififbre T FIGHT 335 (16x20) pattern and tension


On klipperusa site it says recommended tension is 55-65, on the frame it says "Recommended tension for technifibre strings 49-57". Can I assume I can string it at 60 with non-tecnifibre strings?

I know which holes to skip:-
21'M - 19'C 16M X 20C 7,9T - 7,9B

I can't find one piece lenghts, does his have to be done 2 piece?

thanks, Alex

jim e

TECNIFIBRE T Fight 335 (16x20)
length 1 pc:40'
Short Side:10'6"
lgth 2 pc: 21'x19'
Pattern: 16x20
Start M's: H
Main Skips: 7H,9H & 7T,9T
Tie Off M's: 6H
Start 1 pc x:7H
Last 1 pcx: 7T
Tie 1 pc x: 8T
Start 2pc x:7H
Last 2 pc x:7T
Tie 2 pc x: 5H, 8T
Hope this helps. Please note H is head of racquet, T is throat of racquet
Also the 18 x 20 pattern racquet is listed as 2 pc only, as the mains end at the throat and crosses need to be strung top down,
The 16 x 20 that you listed can be both ways 1 or 2 pc, as the mains end at the head of racquet.
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