Tecnifibre and Polyfibre strings?


What Polyfibre strings are you interested in?
Black venom rough and the non rough, Panthera, and tcs rapid interest me. Looking for something that has good spin, decent comfort, and not too low powered because my graphene xt speed pro is already quite low powered.


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I haven't tested TCS Rapid, only TCS and TCS Rough. For a combination of comfort, spin and power I'd go with either Black Venom or its Rough version.
IMHO if you prefer the 1.25mm gauge you might as well go with Rough, if you want a different gauge go with standard Black Venom.
In comparison to Panthera, BV or BVR will be softer, more powerful and on par with spin.

I've played with TF Ruff Code and it wasn't as comfortable or powerful as Black Venom.


Polyfibre: I pick their softest offerings, and love them for their comfort and power level.
TF polys, being much stiffer, generate better spin -- no question about it. These strings exist for different reasons.