Tecnifibre Multifeel in Blue

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It looks like we have one set in 17g. I'll have to confirm with our buyer, but it looks like blue has been discontinued.

UPDATE: Our sales rep has confirmed that blue Multifeel has been discontinued.

Tiffani, TW
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@graycrait, Velocity comes in Blue. I would offer it at a $2-$3 premium over the Pink Multifeel and see whether the guys feel the color is worth it. This is a primary reason I stock mainly natural colored strings. Only time I used specific colors is when I have to string team colors for Da Ladies' team. o_O


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Sound like pink has been discontinued as well.
Looks like I need to look around for another lower priced multi that is offered in "fun" colors. There are a zillion natural and black multis. I would say Velocity but I am not sold on that string yet, although I did get some in blue in sets. If I can find that I can use 15L Prince Premier Control I might forget about other brands and colors.

@esgee48 , I'm not keen on stringing too many rackets, although I have been trying to get the seniors I know to quit using poly so I need to have something that they will use. I'll probably have to go to a mundane color:( I thought by using the pink Multifeel they would go get their rackets somewhere else, but the ones that tried it liked it but were not overly fond of the color for all the wrong reasons. Maybe they will like black or natural, who knows maybe they will like some other budget multi. One of the things they like about the pink and blue Multifeel is that it doesn't "move around" like syn gut does. I have one old fart, 3 or 4 yrs younger than me, who loves GOGSM 16 at 43lbs in his 18x20 98" much abused iRadical. String is a funny thing in this game. I remember when all we could get our wood rackets strung with was blue or gold spiral, with only "millionaires" getting natural gut.

Update: I snagged a reel of 16g pink Multifeel from another retailer. If I am careful it should last a good while for these "old timers:)" In the meantime I am experimenting with other brands, colors, etc.
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