Tecnifibre Official - Racquets


Here are the specs I got for the CES 270 and the powerstab 300. Very good on the tolerances. The specs for the 270 are shown as strung and unstrung for the PS 300. I did get the 255 matched because there was only one left in stock. Being that Technifibre tolerances have looked pretty good for me in the past, I figured the last 255 in stock shouldn't be a problem.

*Note. The columns in the second picture for the PS didn't line up when I took the screenshot so the heading wrapped over. The static weight numbers are the ones showing in the 300ish range and swingweight numbers in the 290's.



Ordered TF 40 305 to compare to the Blade V7. TW play testers seemed to really like it so I have pretty high expectations. Not much in the way of reviews on the forum so hopefully I can help out with my thoughts once I get a chance to hit with it this week.