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    TENNIS_IS_FUN Professional

    Mar 29, 2006
    I just checked out the stats for one of the Tecnifibre raquets and i really liked it...the flex, head size, weight distribution seemed perfect for me...i've never really played with a raquet from Tecnifibre, so if anybody can post their short reviews or comments about this raquet, that would be cool.
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    "you want to eat??"

    haha...anyway, i demoed the TF315, and i just got back from taking my TF325 for its first outing..and so far i have great reviews on the 325. the specs on the TW site are actually different from the racket itself...i dont know what happened, but specs are different on TW site and on the racket itself (can post pics if needed)

    first, let's start w/ the 315. The racket is actually 98 sq. in. i demoed it this past week for a short period of time and thought it was an awkward racket. The racket feels way heavier than 11.5 oz and 318 SW (TW specs). my other pair of rackets are 11.5 oz and 325 SW stock, and i even have lead tape on them and they swing lighter than the TF315. Anyway...w/ the hitting, i found it to be a pretty stiff racket for a "player's racket" line. i believe the RA stiffness rating was 67 (written on the racket itself)...but im not 100% sure. the demo was strung at a pretty high tension but the racket still managed to too much power (nice pop though). overall, i thought it lacked feel on basically all shots and felt cumbersome throughout the entire demo session.

    As for the 325...right when you pick it up and swing, you notice the weight of the racket. i strung it w/ basic synthetics at 60 lbs and took it out for a spin today...and for me, it was an ease to hit w/. it was my first time playing in a couple weeks, but i still had a good feel for the racket...i was unable to find the sweetspot on my backhands and serves, but that could be due ot the extra 0.4 inch. As for the feel...the 325 provided much more feel than the 315. the 325 has a RA rating of 63 (not TW's 59). The racket provided plenty of pop, while allowing me to still maintain enough control. the racket felt incredibly stable and solid, and this mainly mainly helped my return game. i didnt need to swing as much, because as long as made contact w/ the ball, it would go over the net.

    overall, i think the 325 is a totally different racket than the 315...but both do provide plenty of pop. even though i have the 325 and may sound biased, i would choose the 325 over the 315 any day just because the 315 felt strange in my hands.

    i think my review came out pretty confusing and all over the place...but im pretty fried right now from having a long day...if needed, i will reorganize tomorrow

    TENNIS_IS_FUN Professional

    Mar 29, 2006
    no need snowflewis...i get the main idea, thanks mucho mas...so the specs are different for the 325.....hmmm.....i will probably go to my pro shop on monday to see if they have any for demo, if not, maybe i will try demo some off of TW...although it would be a first. Thanks for you review Snowflewis...do you know dem?
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    Feb 20, 2004
    No one seems to mention the TFeel 305, but it is a nice racquet. Great to serve with, feels heavier than 11.3 oz but has nice maneuverability. Good power & decent feel.
    Certainly worth a demo
  5. snoflewis

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    i believe the specs were different for both the TFight rackets...you'll just have to go to the store and look at the specs written on the racket yourself. i can give you the one for the TF325 if needed though...btw, which racket were you looking at?
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    Apr 2, 2006
    Long Island
    i thinking of getting one two
  7. safin_protege

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    May 8, 2005
    TFight 315- The groundstrokes with this frame are very solid. The racquet offers a decent amount of power, but is still controlled. It will be easier to hit the ball deep with topspin with this racquet. The larger sweetspot gives a fair room for error, and offers a solid feel on impact, although the mishit has been described by some as "jarring."

    TFight 315- It is a very comfortable and maneuverable racquet at net, and the added pop adds more pace to the volley.

    TFight 315- For kick and slice serves, this racquet is unprecedented. It is very spin friendly, and easy to whip around the ball. For flat serves, power is easy to generate, but harder to control than a more controlled racquet.

    I recently sold these racquets due to arm trouble that they caused me, but none-the-less, I still believe that they are quality racquets, and could certainly be used by someone who can afford softer strings and doesn't play several hours a day, as I do for high-school tennis.

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