Tecnifibre Tfight 325, 27.4 inches, 4 3/8 gripsize, 9/10

Discussion in 'For Sale or Trade' started by AKB, Mar 31, 2009.

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    This is the stick that came before the Tfight 320's which were available both in the 16x20 and 18x20 versions. This racquet is a 18x20, 27.4 inches in length by default, has a 98 sq inch headsize and a 4 3/8ths gripsize. A classic racquet, only reason i'm selling/trading it- I have 4 more of these and i'd like to trade one of them for something different.

    The racquet is in almost brand new condition. No wear on the head guard, no scratches or paint chips anywhere. It is strung with Tecnifibre 515 at 57lbs.

    Again, its a 9/10.
    I'm looking to trade for Dunlop/Head Sticks of similar condition.
    I'd sell it too, but i'm looking to trade it.

    Pictures available on request.

    My email is, the_aviator_737@yahoo.com
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    Very interested if still available. Let me know. Thanks.

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