Tecnifibre TFlash 300 PS


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I have switched to the TFlash PS as my primary racquet. Strung at 50 lbs with HDX Tour 17. More comfortable, stable, and versatile than 2015 PD IMO. Have not hit with green TFlash 300. I am a 3.5 singles baseline player who relies on put away power to win rallies (why I am forced to give up on Prostaffs, Blades, Prestiges, and TFights). In the past I have tried 2015 PD & Tour, 2015 PD 107, 2015 AeroPro Drive, Pure Aero, and Wilson Ultra 100 (non CV), in terms of "tweener" frames. I strongly prefer the TFlash 300 PS to any of these and suggest demoing it.