Tell me we are not watching crap tennis


Fed had a weak
Excellent post.

This is the WEAKEST ERA in 35 years of watching tennis. These next gen make Roddick, Hewitt, Safin look like GODS.

If someone EVER tells me that Fed won slams in a WEAK ERA -- I will SCREAM.

If Fed had a weak era, what is this exactly? Is this even an era?
Fed was in a week era and this is a ****-poor era

Crazy Finn

Frankly, this level of nervous tennis was pretty common, back in the day.

The Big 3 (or 4 or whatever) have been there so often, that we don't see that much from them. But, before them, that would happen. Not that unusual.

Third Serve

There is a great comedy value in claims that Djokovic has/had it easy. If you take time machine and put Tonight's Tsistipas in 2005, the question is whether he would lose a match for the season; players playing then had obvious technical faults. Coric vs Tsitsipas was an extraordinary match; the level of play in this USO is incredible.


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hey @Lew II where are you dude?
do you have anything to comment about the ranking of opponents faced by Novak at the above mentioned GS?
or do you finally acknowledge that Novak is the biggest beneficiary of the weakest era ever in tennis?
ok @Lew II I take your silence as acknowledgement that Novak is the biggest beneficiary of the weakest era ever in tennis


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