Tennis Apps for iWatch

I received an iWatch 4 as gift last fall. Before the iWatch, the last time I wore a wrist watch was when I turned thirteen... and I lost it in less than a week. I previously had invested in a Sony Sensor, but ended up returning it Tennis Warehouse when it stopped syncing to my iPhone. I did like having the metrics from the Sony Sensor, so I was excited about the Swing Tennis Tracker App for the iWatch (by Mangolytics, Inc). I do have general questions about the accuracy of the swing data on the app. However, I liked the display of the other fitness metrics available (i.e Calories Burned, Heart Rate, Mileage). Over the past couple weeks, the App has been stalling on me constantly. Any other fitness alerts will cause the app to stall. The last time I hit, it seemed to require a refresh every couple minutes. I had to stop using it as it became just an added source of frustration (as if I need any more on the tennis court).

Does anyone out there have any experience with the other tennis apps? I could not find any other threads on the subject.




I've been using the Swing app on my Apple Watch(NOT iWatch). Not sure how accurate the speeds are. Thinks all of my serves are overheads. It easy to track scoring with. I don't think any watch app/wrist based device will be as accurate as something on the racquet itself.
I have experienced the same thing on flat serves up the tee. How much time have you invested in calibrating the app? It sounds like the data is used more to upgrade their algorithms rather than customize the settings to your individual stroke.

It looks like they moved to a subscriber based model since I lost the MPH data sometime last week. Are you still on the basic app? The basic app has been less glitchy my last couple hit sessions, but I am not sure I want to invest $$$ until all of the kinks are worked out.