Tennis Ball Color. Yellow or Green?

Tennis ball color.

  • Yellow

    Votes: 52 68.4%
  • Green

    Votes: 24 31.6%

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...Greenish Yellow is not an option.
It's not? Okay then...yellowish green;).

Kidding. My wife's friend is an interior decorator. She uses words like cool, warm ... chartreuse, mauve, taupe, cappucino, magenta, lavender and fuschia a lot. To describe colors.

I suppose chartreuse hits the tennis ball pretty well.

Okay, and in the spirit of the Original Post, I've always thought of a ball as yellow. Even the Slazenger Hi-Vis, and the Optic Yellow, which is a word used by Wilson (and others?).


If you google it, you'll find tennis balls in various colors. Pink, orange, blue, purple, brown... you name it. (Whether you play with them or not is totally another story. =p)
on the picture, you also have to take into account that pictures of objects show them with slightly less light. . .something more yellow will look more green in lower light. . .
Do this instead:

Ignore the ball in the picture. Look only at the spectrum. Take one of your new tennis balls and put it up to the computer screen---compare it to the spectrum.

When I did this, it looked more yellow according to the spectrum