Tennis Camp Help!


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I am a 17-year old junior tennis player from Maryland and over the summer I shall be staying in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a few days prior to going on a cruise. While I am there, I would like to attend a tennis academy or camp for one to two days. I need your advice on what camp I should go for!

Tennis Experience:
I have been playing tennis for 4-5 years and am closest to the 4.0 level. I am also the number one singles player for my high school tennis team and play local tournaments (no sectionals/nationals).

Possible camp options:
-Rick Macci Tennis Academy (Deerfield Beach)
-Nick Saviano High Performance Academy (Sunrise)
-Evert Tennis Academy (Boca Raton)
-Montana Tennis Academy (Miami)

Remember I am looking for a day camp option give me your opinions on which camp you think would best help my game. Thank you.


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if money's not a problem then go to any of them and have fun... you'll most likely won't be seeing any great Jr.s there or pros ... they will all be playing tournaments in the summer.... If you have limited $$$ then go find a good local pro and take more lessons and play in tons of summer tournaments ,you'll improve won't get 1st hand tennis instructions from those famous coaches in tennis camps ...those famous coaches will never see you enough to tell you what you need to fix...