Tennis Channel Coverage - I like it

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My hat is off to Tennis Channel, I like the presentation. They're covering tennis the way I always thought it should be covered... taking us to where the action is. Got a tiebreaker going on court 2? Let's take you there and see how it goes. Set point on court 1? Let's go check it out. Can we get a camera over to Donald Young's far sidecourt? Sure, why not.

It's very much like coverage of the last day of a golf major. They basically follow 3 or 4 groups, and take you to the action. Tennis Channel seems to have two macthes, but will also take you to the action on a couple other courts. Bravo, thank you TC.

Also, I understand they are not allowed to show certain matches - so they can't be blamed for that.

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I do too. They're limited in what they can show, but they give us a good feel for the whole tournament. Like you, I love when they take us to match point, or when it's getting close to the end of a set. It's how USA, TBS, and TNT used to air. The other channels play that one match and that's all you get!


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In the morning on Dish Network, they are showing 5 other matches, Courts 1-5 Channel# 477 - 471 here in SoCal also known as KALIFORNIA
What a difference a year makes, I remember last year eveybody was flaming TTC because of the coverage based on the rain..etc. But they have made a complete turn around this year, but I never had a problem with it. :)


ESPN has barely had any coverage where I am. I have seen it in the schedule maybe 3 times. for tennis channel, its on whenever there is play. its great!


I like watching no-named players too. A good match is a good match. Rather than Maria 2-3X in one day. :mad:


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as others have said, ive also been impressed with tennis channel's live coverage. i think espn's and nbc's coverage is a subpar version of french open tonight on ttc. nbc made me laugh today when they showed a tape delayed nadal match instead of the dramatic almagro-chardy match. espn and nbc just cut and paste parts of matches with americans and big name players. ttc's french open tonight is much better at it and includes interviews. i dont even know why nbc is bothering to show anything at this point in the tournament. they're just interfering w/ ttc's coverage.


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Good coverage; also enjoyed "The History of Roland Garros", classical matches, and other contents. I'm sure Wimbledon, and US Open next year, will get the same set-up


nbc made me laugh today when they showed a tape delayed nadal match instead of the dramatic almagro-chardy match. .

With no Roddick, and the Williams sisters out, NBC has got to get ratings for the FO coverage somehow and showing Rafa is likely to be the way to do it ;) In the end, the coverage has to pay it's own way and make sense economically and they have to be able to sell ad time. It's still better than having it on Fox like the Pac Life Open, the quality of the feed on that tourney was the worst I've ever seen.

I agree with you that the Almagro match was much better than the Rafa one, but most people outside of these boards aren't likely to watch it or even know who Almagro is ;)


I agree that the coverage has been excellent, as well as the commentary, particularly from Martina, Ted and John. Katrina Adams is only so-so, and Barry MacKay needs to stop breathing and smacking his lips into the microphone. Gimelstob is the only sore point for me--he gets obnoxious pretty quickly.


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And from their website you can chose to watch tons of archived matches for each day of the tournament: I declare that site an International Treasure!


I prefer the Williams network (a/k/a ESPN). Sadly I assume ESPN will no longer cover the French now that the Williams are out. Maybe if I'm lucky they will keep showing reruns of the Williams instead of live action. That would be sweet.


^^^^Aint that the truth!!!! I had to see them loose like four times. I'm always happy when they loose in majors because the action will finally switch back to the mens matches. I'm glad the TT channel is taking over I just wish I had the HD feed from cable.


First rate coverage and I don't watch many women's matches but Martina Navratilova is a terrific commentator.


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The only problem with the early TTC coverage and the later ESPN coverage is not knowing what matches ESPN will show. I greatly prefer Killer and P-Mac to the tennis channel's army of commentators. If I have a choice between watching Fed with MacKay commentary and P-Mac commentary, I'll go with P-Mac everytime.

But you don't want to wait and watch the ESPN coverage first and have them spoil a match for you that they won't show but TTC did.