Tennis Dad's (and Mom's too)


What is it about tennis that we see parents so often ... ?

I do not see that in other sports and what is even more annoying is their mostly irritating presence ...

Let's start:

Richard Williams ($)
Srdjan Djokovic ("let me tell you... ")
Apostolos Tsitsipas ("why me ?")
Alexander Kenin ("scary")
Damir Dokic ("bomb")
Giorgos Kyrgios (mostly see him in Australia/Asia tour with his Crocodile Dundee look)
Judy Murray ("the smirk")
Trevor Kokkinaikis (of "that's my f..g Dad" fame) ...

And then we have cameras trained on Gauff family, Federer family (nothing but the class), Nadal family (classy as well) and so on ...