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    I don't know if it is tennis elbow. My doctor told me that I have tendinitis. The pain starts at the elbow and goes up the bicep.

    He told me to wear a "sports bandage" when I play. Was he referring to a standard cotton bandage or kinesio tape?

    I have to rest for 4-6 weeks which is a real bummer. Injuries and weather have stopped me from playing much in the past year.
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    tennis elbow

    yes u have tennis elbow. rest it now, when u return time to reevalute the gear ( racket, strings) and stroke mechanics.
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    If I had to guess I think he was probably referring to an ACE bandage

    I used to have tennis elbow in HS. I found that using a wrist strap helped greatly for managing the pain (and possibly for not aggravating your condition further, since it stabilizes your muscle/tendon). The most important thing is REST and making sure you don't torque your elbow or do too much heavy lifting for a while. If you take care of it early it does go away from personal experience (haven't had elbow problems for 6 years since the first time), but if you don't heed the Dr.'s advice you run the risk of it turning into a chronic problem

    You should also reevaluate your strokes. If you have a one-handed backhand make sure you're not too bent at the elbow on contact. In fact I recommend a straight arm for all the strokes (bar the serve), since it stretches your tendon less. Definitely use the strap when you feel well enough to go back on the courts. You should look into maybe changing your strings and racquets as they could be a contributing factor.

    When you do go back make sure to start slow and manage how long you play, to give your arm more time to adjust to the stress of playing tennis. I imagine overplaying after an extended break is what caused the injury in the first place.
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    Search for recent threads in this forum on tennis elbow and golfer's elbow. Look especially for the CharlieFedererer threads with illustrations for the location of tennis elbow. TE is not located above the elbow but maybe its pain can extend there. ?

    Research the difference between tendinitis (with inflammation) and tendinosis (with defective healing).

    Papers in replies #1 & #15.

    Short paper

    Long paper
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