Tennis Footwork


blabit said:
295 bucks seems kinda steep!
$195 for the basic package. It's $295 for the package and access to the forum, an additional chart and some other things.


Buy a Jump Rope

Think you can save your cash

Buy a rope

study pro-slow mo video

Grab some words and terms from that site!

lots of cool foot work videos @

run the stairs

The hills


Run lines


spider drills


One of the most horrible footwork I have ever seen in my life. Please do yourself a favour and tape some pro games and watch what they r doing.


ramseszerg said:
Whats with the put the leg up drill.. she was doing it on both wings..
Yah that was kind of weird- are you actually suppose to hit that way in matches?


No, it teaches you how to remain balanced, but I think it is terrible, there`s no weight transfer. There might be some benefit, but I think there are better solutions. If you don`t have balance, you probably won`t ever be good at tennis, and this kind of exercises will not help you if you are not talented. And if you are talented, you do not need it.

Bungalo Bill

migjam said:
Anybody familiar with this instruction and if so, what are your thoughts?
The footwork example is good, we had a discussion about this in a recent thread about a month ago. It is where you recover after contact and as you finish, instead of recovering during or after your finish.

But that is a lot of money!

Footwork drills, jump rope, hexagon drills, etc.. will help, I think this guy is trying to help you to be more efficient with your movement more than anything. Let us know if you buy it, how it worked out for you.