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Discussion in 'Tennis Travel' started by jonny_chorizo, Jul 15, 2011.

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    Feb 24, 2008

    Me and a few friends here in London are looking to go on a tennis holiday to Spain in September (it doesn't necessarily have to be Spain, but somewhere hot at this time and in Europe)

    I'd like to go somewhere where I can improve my technique (in terms of the bio mechanics of my shots, video analysis etc) rather than just having group drills and getting general and unspecific instruction such as 'hit the ball in front' etc

    Someone suggested to me the juan carlos ferrero academy in Valencia. However it sounds to me that this is in a remote place and all you'd be able to do is play tennis. Ideally, me and my mates would like to go somewhere we can have a swim, go to the beach maybe and sample some night life, although tennis will be our main focus.

    La Manga seems like a popular choice although I know someone who went and he said the average standard of player in his classes wasn't very high. Also the courts cost 15 euros an hour which seems quite high to me.

    Has anyone been to the Mallorcan tennis academy in paguera?

    I'm not too au fait with the US rating system but I reckon in terms of our standard I'd say we're around 4.0/4.5.

    Any suggestions/advice?

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    I believe the Sanchez - Casal academy has been well reviewed by others on this site. It's outside of Barcelona (I saw the sign about 1/2 way between the city and the airport) - so you could still have a great city (was there for the men's tournament in April - awesome city) to hang out in and get your tennis fix.
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    I don't know exactly where JCF's academy is but the City of Valencia is a great place with lots to do and great beaches and paella.

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