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I'm going to be moving from Atlanta to Orlando early next year and am an avid tennis player. Can anyone tell me what the tennis scene is like in the Orlando area? Who, in your opinion, runs the best tennis shop and is there a local USTA-type league in Orlando?



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did the same thing...


I moved to Orlando from Atlanta 1 yr ago. Isn't tennis great in atlanta!! One of the best tennis cities I've ever been in.

As far as Orlando goes, it depends where you live. I live in north orlando (lake Mary) and it has taken me a yr. to find some good tennis organizations (that aren't country club prices).

Email or PM me and I can help a little. As it turns out, I'm now moving to Charlotte in about 2 months. If you get down here before I leave, we'll have to hit, if possible.



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Well basically there are 3-4 great tennis centers in Orlando, and depending where will you be situated (work/home) would depend where will you find most convenient for you to play.

To name a few look for:

Lake Cane Tennis
Fort Gatlin Tennis
Sanlando (Altamonte area)

Within those centers you will find friendly people (in my experience your mileage may vary...) and bunch of different activities ladders (A,B, and C), Doubles leagues, Teams, etc...

Welcome to Orlando


Is Lake Nona the place to be for tennis if you’re wanting to live in the US and love tennis