Tennis in Palm Springs


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It seems like a lot of places are closed now. Any advice on where to play pickup on the weekend or Friday night? 4.5. Thank you!


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Try Shadow Mountain resort in Palm Desert. Its close to El Paseo, and great restaurants. and they have a lot of courts. You can also rent a condo for the weekend
for pretty cheap there.


Spent most of a summer there a couple years back and played almost every morning with the Ruth Hardy crew. Very colorful group, kind of hard to get to know at first but if you're a decent player with a good sense of humor it's a lot of fun. Lots of **** talking lol.
The best kind of crews. i had something similar In Adams Morgan in DC. to say they were colorful is an understatement. Great Times.


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I used to live near Palm Springs (Redlands). It is a great little town- like something out of another era.
Even if you don"t play tennis- a great place to visit.