Tennis in Singapore, Feb 4th - Feb 8th, 2019


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Anyone from forums interested in a hit in Singapore from Feb 4th - 8th, 2019? I will be staying close to Orchard Road area, available to travel around 30 - 40 minutes if there is court available. Please let me know in advance if anyone would like to hit. Thanks.


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I’m a member of a club in Singapore.

Where are you from? Are you prepared for the humidity?

What is your level?



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Hi Bones, thanks for the reply.

I am from Beijing, China. afraid that I am unlikely to play this time when in SGP as my schedule is a bit tight.

My level is about 3.5 at tennis level in China, haven't got any idea on what is the standard in SGP.

Hope can arrange a hitting next time when I am in SGP or if you ever come to Beijing, we can arrange in advance.