Tennis Ladder in Fairfax VA

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    Jul 16, 2008
    Hello all,

    I just moved to Fairfax VA and am trying to start up a ladder in there.

    The idea of this tennis ladder is that player A ranked below player B challenges player B. Player B provides option of two meeting places and two meeting times. They both meet and play a match at the designated time and location. What is at stake in the match is the ranking on the ladder and a can of tennis balls. If player A beats player B, player A takes player B's ranking and player B along with everyone below him moves down a spot. If player B beats player A nothing changes. Both players bring a can of new balls to the match. Only one is opened. The winner takes the unopened can of balls.

    If you are interested, please visit the url below:

    The detailed rules and sign up information is available on the website. As of now, this ladder is only for men's singles (all levels). Hope to see some of you sign up on there and looking forward to playing with you guys competitively.

    Thank you.

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