Tennis League Network End of Year 2013 National Tournament

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    Jun 20, 2012
    Fort Lauderdale, FL
    Below is the lineup for this years End of Year National Tournament of the Tennis League Network (TLN), which is held annually on the first Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of November (this year is Nov. 1st through 3rd) at the Crandon Park Tennis Center on Key Biscayne in Miami, FL.

    This year's field is the largest and most talented in the five-year history of the tournament. (Not including me of course. :) )

    I'll post the champions of each division along with some photos and vids on Monday Nov. 4 following the completion of the tourney.

    I've listed the players in each division along with the TLN affiliates that they compete regularly in.

    Men's Elite (4.5)

    A. Patel Orange County
    B. Calhoun Philadelphia
    P. Starcevic Miami
    E. Panell Miami
    M. Salamon Orlando
    N. Machado Miami
    B. Czerniak Los Angeles
    N. Pukeca Orlando
    A. Yazdi Phoenix
    M. Copello Miami

    Men's Advanced 1 (4.0)

    B. Nazy Los Angeles
    N. Flanscha St. Louis
    A. Josely Washington, D.C.
    L. Cargile Orange County
    V. Chawla Washington, D.C.
    R. Macaluso Fort Lauderdale
    S. Ray Cincinnati
    C. Caouette San Jose

    Men's Advanced 2 (3.75)

    K. McCoy Washington, D.C.
    D. Belvin Seattle
    R. Duran Miami
    D. Rodriguez Miami
    B. Beno Fort Lauderdale
    R. Pheiffer Boston
    A. Rohlfs Austin
    S. Prabhakar Philadelphia

    Men's Competitive 1 (3.5)

    S. Chagnon Boston
    A. Noyola Miami
    T. Graziano Philadelphia
    I. Loukvnikov Boston
    C. Hernandez Miami
    J. Hernandez Fort Lauderdale
    S. Conway Fort Lauderdale
    B. Hall St. Louis
    R. Collazo Orlando

    Men's Competitive 2 (3.25)

    J. Barr Philadelphia
    R. Shearer Miami
    L. Perez Washington, D.C.
    B. Sauer Fort Lauderdale
    G. Muse Boston
    H. Felten Minneapolis
    R. Gopal Miami
    T. Trotter Fort Lauderdale
    L. Perez Fort Lauderdale
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    Jun 20, 2012
    Fort Lauderdale, FL
    I'm a bit late posting these results, but here they are. Had a great time despite losing all my matches (in the lowest division).

    Division Champions for 2013 (with current rating and city)
    Elite - Eli Panell (4.5 Miami)
    Advanced - Vipul Chawla (4.25 Washington, D.C.)
    Competitive - Ivan Loukovnikov (3.75 Boston)
    Skilled - Gabriel Muse (3.5 Boston)

    Some pictures from the tournament:

    Some points from each of my four matches at
    the Tennis League Network 2013 End Of Year Tournament
    (Nov 1 to Nov 3) at Crandon Park Tennis Center on Key
    Biscayne in Miami. (Note the aerial geese attack
    at 3:24 to 3:35)

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