Tennis Magazine - WOW! - Two Words - Maria Sharapova!

Damn!!!! The new Tennis Magazine with Maria Sharapova on the cover looks fantastic. She looks fantastic! She is amazing, and will only get more and more beautiful as she gets older. I can't believe she only 16 going on 17 (or maybe already 17), and she's 6'0" and still growing. I remember the days when looking at a 17 year old wasn't a bad thing, but as soon as you get past the age of like 25 or 26 it just doesn't look good for you anymore. What a bummer cuz she's so hot! Well, I guess we can still look, just try and keep the thoughts to yourself, that way you don't seem like a dirty older man. But if her tennis career doesn't work out for her, her modelling career should explode with no problem. What a beautiful girl. Later

P.S. (Wait, did I say all that out loud????)


Looks like I'll have to pick one up and see what everyone's talking about. I have a good feeling that Maria won't be sidetracked with modelling the way Anna did. Maria is very pretty (prettier than Anna IMO), but I don't think she has the sex appeal that Anna did. Which works for me since I rather see her on the court than on FHM.


HAHAHA! Sucks for most of you guys. I'm almost 15 (May b-day) and she's just two years older. Not much at all. I can't wait to see her in person again. The cover ain't as good as the picture inside with Landsorf when she's laughing. When I see Maria play again, I'm going to ask her out. BTW, is she playing a World Team Tennis match in Delaware for Newport? Thanks.


O dear MaSha, I doubt that you will get near her to ask her your little question and even then I think you know what the answer will be!!

Where would you take her? McDonalds?

Besides I already beat you to it :D

Back of the net my son!!!!!!



Too bad you're not a 26 year old hockey player, MaSha. Oh wait... that was Anna. Oh well, you know about those Russian women and older men.


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Foo4Everlong - Careful big fella'...don't want to get yourself arrested! She's not street-legal yet! I agree w/ the other posters, until she turns 18, you'd better laminate the pages...


Hey Masha. Even if you could take her to McDonalds, I guess it won't be through the drive through! :)

Don Felder

I don't understand the attraction to her... she looks like your typical, underdeveloped, bean-pole high school girl. Her face is average at best.