Tennis Masters Cup Uncovered II now available


For some reason the text of my post didn't get posted????
Here's what I sent;
The newest Masters Cup DVD is being included free in a set of tennis balls. I'm a little confused as to the manufacturer. The first place I saw mention of it is on RSI magazine, then I saw it listed on thesportsauthority web site. On both they were Wilson balls, packs of 8. A friend just picked up a couple sets at SA and they were 8 Packs of Penn balls.
Regardless, this the same progam that was aired on A&E a few months ago. Mostly behind the scenes stuff from the Masters Cup Championship in Houston last year. The best part of the DVD? The entire Federer/Safin second set tiebreak in the extras section.
The program was fascinating too. Was the first one done the same way?