Tennis ROI: $10K, 1000 hours, 4 years

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    So we're hitting a bit of a rough patch in tournament play of late. So a program evaluaton :) is called for. I was surprise by the numbers, particularly the one with $ behind it ;-).

    Is this progress cost wise expensive/cheap/average and time wise fast/slow/average?

    Many thanks.


    Begin: 7/2008 (age 12, 7th grade) , First rookie tourney: 11/20/2008 . Training mostly by dad (3.5 at best), youtube, FYB, and TW forums.

    To date: 49 USTA tourneys, 45 matches win, 65 loss
    To date: Skill level: 1 star recruit (no.28 NW), NTRP perhaps 4.0 to low 4.5.
    Rallying strokes speed: 55mph, 2nd spin serve: 60mph, 1st serve: 80 mph.

    Total Cost: $9900.00 ; Training: 720 hours, Competition: 219 hours

    Camp/Group lessons: $300
    Indoor Court cost: $4200
    Racquets cost (mostly used) 3 Barbolat, 3 Wilson: $600
    String machine (used): $500.00
    String, grips, balls, etc: $1300.00
    12 set clothes, 9 pair of shoes (growing boy): $1040
    Tournament cost: $1960 (a shocker!)

    Training time: 720 hours
    Dry weather ( free public court): 3.5 years * 4 months * 4 weeks * 3.75 days * 2 hours: 420 hours
    Wet weather ( in-door by the hours court): 3 years * 5 months * 4 weeks * 2.5 days * 2 hours: 300 hours

    Competition time: 219 hours
    JTT: 4 seasons * 6 matches * 1.5 hours = 36 hours
    USTA: 110 matches * 1.5 = 165 hours
    High School: 12 matches * 1.5 = 18 hours

    Link to his worse match (adult 4.5 tourney) scoring wise, but I was most happy with his play in term of effort and attitude.
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    You would be amazed how much people spend to get better at tennis (or are amazed already).

    Cost wise, I would say that 4 years to get to a 1 star is slightly slower than average. Being a one star generally means you are playing tournaments with other starred players and winning matches.

    I can't really say much else, simply because I don't even want to think about the money my parents have invested into me. I couldn't even begin to repay them.

    Apart from that, something your son needs to work on is moving the ball around, especially if he is going to play adult tournaments. He's just getting bullied all over the court.
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    $10,000 over 4 years? You got off easy. :)
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    That is $50/week.

    That is $10/hour of tennis including clothing, equipment, and instruction.

    If 5 days per week you went to the deli and got a sandwich and a coke, it would add up to your son's tennis bill.

    I would say your son is darned good for minimal cost outlay, practicing less than an hour a day, no private coaching, and only playing 4 years.

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    Is your son the lefty? If so, then he looks like a very good player. Certainly good enough to be having some better results in tournaments. Maybe he's underachieving a bit because of mental hangups, or something.

    Either way, you seem to have gotten a pretty good return on your tennis investment; as long as he enjoys playing no amount of money is really too much.
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    It you really want to talk about ROI, the player needs to win some price money or endorsement deals (in real cash, not some free t shirt or free shoes).

    Coaching is also not cheap. For real coaching + trainer I think $10k - $50k+ per year is not outrageous. Rackets and apparel seems tips money compare to those. Strings is like $30 a pop with labor if you don't do it yourself? That's about $4-5k a year.

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