Tennis Serve - Non-Standard Edge-On to Face-On at Impact Techniques

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There is a standard way to rotate the racket from edge-on to face-on used in the high level serve using internal shoulder rotation (ISR). It uses internal shoulder rotation where the upper arm rotates and gradually rotates the head of the racket. It is significant that there is a rapidly changing angle between the forearm and racket, called Beta at impact.

There are also various other techniques that may involve pronation, ISR for racket rotation (but not much for racket head speed). Timing of the edge-on to face-on is different. The angle between the forearm and racket may be different. In one extreme case, the racket may approach the ball with the opposite face toward the ball and then it rapidly turns an instant before impact.

Here are some replies from another thread -

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I'm confused - what other thread - what's the purpose of this thread? Are you asking a question? Making a statement and what to have a discussion about it? The last two lines in your post makes very little sense to me.


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Maybe some will post vids of themselves attempting to "approach the ball with the opposite face toward the ball" or people can try it and report on their results.

I think the article and other thread covered it well.
Perhaps this thread can be for posting such experiments.