Tennis shoe picking up lots of ball lint from HC


Yup most indoors here have either an electric or push sweeper machine for the lint. One club I used to play at was so lazy about cleaning up I would slip all the time, almost put out my knee. Didn't renew the following year!


I run my hand over my soles once in a while during play and most of the lint comes off. Picked this up playing basketball as a kid. If you watch a basketball game closely you will see players doing this. They’re not dealing with lint but a little sweat on the sole makes shoes grippier and removes the sweat from your hands.


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Only play on outdoor HC the past two-three yrs. Had trees coat the courts with pollen but a small street cleaner took care of that problem.

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That’s a lot of lint. Did you use the regular duty balls by any chance? I’m in SoCal only playing on the hard courts, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.
Just penn HD balls I've used a million times.
These courts just got resurfaced a year ago and haven't been used much, plus I invested in a new rotation of shoes (close-out asics court speed ff) recently. Guess the combo of new surface+new shoes is velcro for ball lint.

Oh well, time to break out the vacuum.
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My tennis backpack is full of it in the shoe compartment. I made the mistake of stuffing a black shirt in there.


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I clap my shoes together to get the ball fluff off before I put them in my shoe compartment of my bag. The court maintenance of my club is quite bad, they never vacuum the courts.