Tennis Shoes with 6 month warranties..

Discussion in 'Shoes and Apparel' started by Maverick16, Jan 12, 2010.

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    If you buy a tennis shoe with a 6 month wear warranty, how worn do the shoes have to be, ie do you have to wear a hole right through the sole of the shoe so you can see your toes?
    Secondly, how many times can the shoes be replaced under warranty. Is it a one time shoe replacement or does a new 6 month warranty period begin the day you receive the replacement shoes?
    Just wondering if it's worth paying the extra money for shoes with a warranty.
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    search search search :)
    there are many threads regarding on shoe warranty.
    search my threads. I posted the shoe warranty threads twice. you will be able to see some pictures of my shoes. one was prince. the other was Barricade V.
    I received replacement shoes from both companies.

    you can only claim the warranty once.
    if the shoe company give unlimited warranty, I won't need to pay for new shoes for my life. Also they will bankrupt within 3 years :)

    it depends on how do you play on the court. in my case, it is worth to buy warranty shoes since my shoes only last about 3 months (I think shoes last around 150 hours).

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