Tennis shops in NYC?


Ok I'm going to NYC for the first time (America for the first time) In November, and I was wondering if there are any good tennis shops in the city? I'm looking to get some new shoes and maybe a couple of rackets becuase you guys have them like $100 cheaper than us here. Any help would be nice, thanks.


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Try P a r a g o n, on Broadway just north of Union Square. It's a general sporting goods store, not a tennis specialty shop, but they have plenty of tennis gear.


Masion Tennis Mart at 56 East 53rd Street(between Madison & Park Ave) They have the largest store in New York. Nice selection.


Order from TW and have it delivered to your hotel. There aren't many screaming deals on tennis equipment in NYC. **** is a great place that's worth a visit even if you don't buy anything.
I've visited 'Golf-Smith Golf & Tennis' back in 2006
for some tennis stuff.

Roger & Rafa did an photoshoot in front of that store during the USO 2006.

Enjoy NYC: i love that city!


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Grand Central Racquet. I never been there but i guess its a good size. East 44th street b/w Madison & Vanderbilt. The owner of this store also owns the pro shop at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, at which I get my racquets, though that pro shop is very very small.

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In any event, take any racquets you buy to **** if you are interested in having them matched or modded. Roman is the best. November can be a really nice time of year there. Enjoy.