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    Tennis stars have come out on top of a new survey asking people about the leading role models in sport.

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    Tennis looks like it might be the beneficiary of the lurid scandals that have rocked football and golf in the last few months, as two of the game's biggest stars have been named as the top role models in sport.

    Roger Federer and Steffi Graf were named as the top male and female sports role models respectively in a survey of 1,500 people run by Barclays - sponsors of the English Premier League.

    Is it just us wondering where on planet earth they chose to ask their questions? Tennis clubs on the German-Swiss border, maybe? How else would Graf still be on peoples' radars?

    Still, we're not complaining about either choice. Federer is probably sport's best example of a nice guy finishing first, while Graf is an all-time legend - even if we're not likely to see her husband Andre Agassi appear on a role model list any time soon after his recent drug revelations...

    What current pro(male or female) is a good role model? Who definitely isn't?
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    We are blessed with such positive role models. Especially in the men's game. Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.. you can't wish for much better advertisement for your sport. I mean, you could be stuck with Tiger...
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    Good to know people still remember how great Steffi Graf is after 10 years of her retirement.Even though she tends to avoid the spotlight after retirement, she is never forgot by fans in almost every survey or poll.She is a true legend.

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