Tennis - Story of the King, the Knight and the Barbarian !!!


Back in 2000 when reigning King Sampras on his way down the world needed a new King, the guys who looked like successors (Safin & Hewitt) did have holes in their game and didn't look like the natural successors. Despite they clinching the rank 1 title they looked like mere caretakers !

Then arrived the true successor - Roger Federer, the new King/GOAT !
He showed glimpses of what was in store for the future in 01 and then from 03 onwards assumed the Mantle of the King of Tennis. He was quickly great on all courts as early as aged 22 and Tennis now had the new ruler ruling with an Iron Fist.

Then arrived the Knight of Tennis - Rafael Nadal with brutal power and speed, challenged the King. The Tennis world was elated that the young Knight had arrived to challenge the King. For many years the Knight ruled with the Knight being the Kingsguard.

Fans of the King were happy the King was still on his throne by leading the race of most slams, holding most weeks at 1 and being the top player on 2 out of 3 surfaces and fans of the Knight were hoping that 1 day would the Knight would succeed the King,

Then came the barbarian ..... Novak Djokovic.

Crowd booed him when they saw him rise, both the fanbases were irked that the King was being challenged by someone who was uncouth and savagely in his approach. Srdjian Djokovic even says that Federer saw his successor in the eyes of Novak and didn't like it, Rafa too was on good terms as long as he was winning over Novak and when Novak started beating Nadal too then the friendship ended according to Srdjian :-D Since then Novak has only risen, he became the top player in the world in 2011 and since then has been so, he not afraid to tell his ambitions out loud that his aim is to dethrone Roger Federer 1 day.

Before this AO he even confidently tells the world that he is not ready to loosen his grip and give the next gen the change of guard.

Novak today is breaking records after another 1 by 1, the weeks at 1 and years ended as 1 he holds both .... When he crosses in Slams he would be having some other significant records to back his claim ..... Like Federer and Sampras before him Novak is the premier player during his peak on 2 different surfaces (HC and Grass), something which Rafa doesn't have any claim on.

No wonder the King and the Kingsguard are angry, they both dislike the Barbarian, even today the minions of the King like Nick Kyrgios take potshots at the Invader to Roger's legacy Novak but then there is nothing any of them can do about Novak's dominance.

Great empires have been brought down by the invaders and have fallen ..... they always do.....
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