Tennis through Federer's Perspective


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Here's a link with Fed and Edberg hitting around. Both players are wearing Google Glass, and much of video is from the glasses. You see what they see, or at least where their head is pointing.

A lot of the video is jerky and kind of hard to watch. The significant thing that I did see was that Federer was looking at the contact point at contact. You'll need to slow the video down to see it clearly, but you can see the racquet and the ball meeting on ground strokes.

On the volleys, especially on the fh side, the gaze is sometimes slightly in front of the contact point. They did some volleys from Edberg's glasses too and he and Fed are looking in about the same spot. They both see the contact on the volleys a lot of the time.


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Neat gif. I don't know why it seems slower sitting at a desk; my eyes seem to follow the ball to racket contact better than in RL.