Tennis Tournament Cost and Planning

Hey y'all,

My SO and I are finally gonna have a considerable income in the following year and one of our hopes is to plan a travel vacation to a tennis tournament. Can anyone here speak to their strategy in going to places like, say the Australian Open and how they chose to spend their money? Or some of the ATP 250s or 1000s and what packages they bought for that? I'm just trying to get a sense of cost and how much to budget for. I would love to figure out how much to save to go to like, Roma or Madrid next year.
Indian Wells has to be one of the better tournaments to see. You can be super close, you can get an airbnb and spend 10+ days there and you'll be all tennnised out by the end. Cost I'm sure depends on how end you want to be
I’ve been to US Open, Citi Open, and Winston Salem. They’re all completely different but all awesome. The smaller tournaments have less crowds so you can sit closer to the court and might actually get to meet some players or interact with them on the practice courts. At the majors you get to experience seeing the bigger name players and the longer matches.

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When to go is also a consideration. Some people like to go at the beginning of tournaments so they can see more matches and more players. I like to go to the semifinals of GS or quarter finals of others, personally.

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The Aussie Open is a must. I would just get an extended stay type of hotel room in Melbourne. The grounds passes are cheap, something like $50 US daily. That will leave you some extra money to get courtside in Laver for a session or two. You have almost guaranteed dry days, but plan for serious heat! Happy Slam!