Tennis training dvd's


If i were going to purchase only one set of training/instruction tennis dvd's, which should I choose?
I'm trying to teach/coach both of my daughter's as well as improve myself.
I don't want my 10 year old to pick up any of my bad habits or anything and my 14 year old has just decided she wants to be on the HS team now. Private lessons or the like are not an option at this time.

Thanks in advance.



Not necessarily..just wanted to see things in motion as I have read a few books about the subject. Might be easier for the little one to get it better, too.
I see lots of homemade type stuff available and also some very professionally done stuff. Just wanting to maximize my meager dollars.



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Get a subscription to When I was learning (still am) I watched a bunch of videos, visited a bunch of sites, etc. Then I joined here. This is the best, not even close. Best $100 I ever spent. You won't be sorry, trust me.


The video instruction at Fuzzy Yellow Balls is exceptional and I find that it dovetails nicely with the free pro-player videos on the USTA site.